In an industry that’s ever changing, you need a warehousing partner who is nimble, adapts and is innovative. You want someone bringing you fresh ideas and helping you keep a competitive edge.

We offer a unique skillset and service portfolio supported by 1,700,000+ sq. ft. of convertible space warehouses — so put us to the test and give us your toughest challenge!

We are proud to have been recognized as a 2016 IARW North American Top 25 Refrigerated Warehousing & Logistics Provider.


We pick more than 25 million cases annually from more than 50 million cases of throughput. Our case selection exceeds 99.99%. We build modular pallets, track individual serialized ID cases, ship sample cases via overnight airfreight, support exporting programs and scan a variety of variable weight bar codes.


We are proud of our partnership with many specialty cheesemakers utilizing our multi-temperature aging rooms. We store and provide distribution services for specialty cheeses including brie, blue, and other artisanal cheeses.


We blast freeze more than 2,000,000 pounds of product per week. Our blast freezers operate at -40 degrees for quick and efficient freezing of many different types of food products for our customers.


Our facilities offer cross-docking to those customers participating in our LTL transportation pool consolidation service. These orders may be pre-picked and dropped off at one of our sites, or picked up by our transportation team.


Rail service is available at our Madison area facilities. Rail is provided by the UP and WSOR.


EDI (electronic data interchange) is available as a method for exchanging order, order fulfillment, inventory, and delivery data. We offer exchange in several data transaction sets including 210’s, 850’s, and 940’s.


Our commitment to RETHINK REFRIGERATED wouldn’t be complete without our capabilities to design, build, and lease you any facility needed to meet your supply chain needs.

We have over 35 years of experience in construction and management of refrigerated, frozen, ambient production, and distribution facilities for major food companies. When we partner with you, we provide the full range of services to take a project from start to finish, including:

  • site acquisition
  • securing project financing
  • architectural and engineering design services
  • construction management
  • lease development specific to your financial needs
  • staffing and hiring

Let our experts develop a plan for your temperature-controlled facility — so you can keep your focus on growing your business.